Products: Single-ended Directly Heated Triode Power Amplifiers: HE-833Ver1.3

Model : HE-833Ver1.3

Directly Headed Triode
  Single Ended Power Amplifier
The HE-833 uses the venerable 833A transmitting triode, first choice of broadcast engineers for audio and transmitter service for many decades. The 833A was RCA's most powerful glass triode in the old days, so it is an appropriate choice for our project to raise the capabilities of directly heated single ended triode amplifiers to a level where even the most demanding contemporary loudspeakers pose no challenge. The HE-833 can easily drive any load, with a sense of total control and delicacy that simply cannot be obtained through conventional push-pull configurations or paralleling multiple output tubes for higher output.

Until the invention of our IITC circuit, there was no way to harness the power of the mighty 833A for Class A audio applications. The HE-833 uses a triode-wired KT88 driver stage which couples to the 833A through a low impedance transformer, providing ideal drive conditions to actualize the full sonic potential of the transmitting triode. A ultra-low noise, telecommunications-quality Western Electric 437A is used in the input stage for maximum dynamic range. And our direct-coupled, capacitor-free audio circuitry preserves the low-level resolution that makes single ended triode amplifiers such a music lover's favorite worldwide. We guarantee that the authoritative musical reproduction of the HE-833 will be a revelation regardless of what you are listening to now! It is no longer necessary to choose between musical refinement and high power-it is possible to have both with the HE-833.

Like the other landmark WAVAC Audio Lab. amplifiers, the HE-833 is a statement of the possibilities of high-tech precision manufacturing. The chassis is CNC machined out of a 60mm block of aerospace-grade aluminum and detailed with a handsome shimmering champagne-tinted finish. Custom sockets with thickly gold plated contacts machined from phosphor bronze bar stock are fitted in Teflon supports then isolated from the chassis with an advanced elastomeric suspension. Our Transformers are the custom-built by the most renowned supplier in Japan under strict specifications. No shortcuts were taken anywhere in the design and construction of the HE-833 amplifier, conceived from the start as an all-out effort to build the finest and most powerful single triode amplifier ever known.

Enjoy the carefree satisfaction of living with the best. HE-833.

Power Tube 833
Effective Power output 150 watts
Frequency range 20Hz-100KHz
Input sensitivity 1Vrms
Input impedance 100k ohms
S/N ratio 90dB
Power consumption 500W(each)
Power supply 100,110,120,220,230,240
VAC 50-60Hz
(selected when shipped)
Load impedance 4&8 ohms
External dimensions 435Wx525Dx305H(mm)
Weight 55kg(each)


-HE-833 is upgraded to 150W as a WAVAC Audio Lab. special 10th anniversary model.

-First and only audiophile amplifier to feature the remarkable 833A
transmitting triode, designed by RCA for critical high-power
commercial applications, with output more than capable of driving any
modern loudspeaker.

-Special adaptation of IITC circuit using a triode-wired KT-88 power
driver delivers tremendous authority across the entire audible
bandwidth with all the subtle flavor of the best single-ended triode

-Direct-coupled circuitry featuring the superb WE437A input tube
preserves the full dynamic life of music without compression or tonal

-AC mains input filter and well-filtered DC filament supplies minimize
hum and noise.

-Chassis is precision machined from a 60mm thick solid block of
aerospace-grade aluminum and detailed with a handsome and
durable champagne-gold finish.

-Custom gold-plated tube socked contacts are machined from phosphor
bronze bar stock and set in milled Teflon supports. Damping
using high-tech Bete-gel technology eliminates effects of
environmental vibrations.

-A sculptural lab glass canopy supported by elastomeric suspension is
available for protection of the tubes.

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