At WAVAC Audio Lab 10th Anniversary.

 At WAVAC Audio Lab 10th anniversary, I'd like to express my deepest appreciation to our staffs and their cooperation and passion.

 I have been involving and listening to live performance and songs as a sound engineer for over 20 years. Live performance is like a living thing. We are never able to hear it again. However I have been thinking if and how real feeling and pure sound of live performance can be remained. As digital technique is developing these days, the music industry is no exception and also changing. However I can't find the sound I'm seeking there. Humans are performing and singing. And humans are listening by their ears. When I look for comfortable sound, I can't find it in digital sound.

 "I want to listen to self-indulgent sound."
 "I want to pursue and recognize the sound I'm seeking."

 When I considered my concepts, I went back to the starting point of analog sound as vacuum tubes. At the same time, I had a fateful meeting with late Mr. Shishido who designed a new tube circuit. We developed new products by trial and error, but we were blessed with wonderful chassis design and staffs.
Another blessing was we had many audiophiles all over the world who agreed with our concepts.

We, WAVAC Audio Lab, will continue our policy of seeking self-indulgent sound.

  WAVAC Audio Lab.

WAVAC Audio Lab.

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