Products: Single-ended Directly Heated Triode Power Amplifiers: MD-805MK-II

Model :

A Class Single Ended
            60W Power Amplifier


-The MD-805 MKII was upgraded of MD-805m, The MD-805m is a highly specified model and created with our leading state-of-the-art design techniques as a WAVAC Audio Lab special 10th anniversary model of SH-833, HE-833MKII.

-The MD-805MKII transformer is compacted and separated from main unit, the transformer protected effect from magnetic and guide, they can supply pure and clean electric current to main unit.

-WAVAC special double chock transformer for B power circuit will reduce hum.

-All the tube heaters are rectified by Silicon-diode. The pi filter choke transformers are DC ignited by a large volumetric condenser to minimize hum noise.

-The signal circuit eliminates a condenser and solidifies the dynamic range by using direct coupled circuitry and transformer-coupled.

-We use large current of output transformer than MD-805m the transformer provide enough current and wide frequency response.

-The main unit protect by effect from vibration of transformer by Al fur gel will isolate all of transformer.

-The A transformer, B transformer and C transformer separated protect by effect of sound by lack of current and guide and magnetic.

-The chassis use 10mm aluminum the chassis will radiation of heat and deteriorate of sound quality by a temperature changed.

-The all that chassis done very warm and beautiful atmosphere by hairline and alumite treatment.

Power Tube 805
Effective Power output 60W
Frequency range 20Hz-75KHz
Input sensitivity 1V
Input impedance 10k ohms
S/N ratio >95dB
Power consumption 300W(each)
Power supply 100,110,120,220,230,240
VAC 50-60Hz
(selected when shipped)
Load impedance 4 & 8 (16) ohms
External dimensions 260Wx460Dx270H(mm)
Weight Main unit    : 25kg(each)
Powersupply: 40kg(each)

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